Welcome to Bhutan (Gross National Happiness Country), the Kingdom of Bhutan is a small, mountainous, landlocked country in South Asia, located in the eastern Himalayas, bordered by India and China. Bhutan is home to a population of about 740,000 spread over approximately 47,000 square kilometers with about 70% of its land under forest cover. Much of the population lives in the central highlands, and almost two-thirds are classified as rural inhabitants. The terrain is mostly mountainous, with alpine peaks in the north and some sub-tropical foothills in the south. Bhutan’s economy has expanded at a robust pace driven by the hydropower sector. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth is estimated at nearly 6.3% in 2014 due to the acceleration in hydropower-related construction. Inflation has risen, reaching 8.2% in 2014, with both food and non-food components accelerating.

Tourism in Bhutan was open only in 1974 and right from the start Bhutan regulated the flow of tourist to the country by introducing high tariff in order to preserve its rich cultural heritage, unique national identity and pristine environment. Through its restricted tourism policy, Bhutan has emerged as one of the few unexplored tourist destinations in the world. Today Bhutan has become one of the most exotic destinations for many international travelers. Visit Bhutan to meet and interact with a people who are dignified, extremely friendly, hospitable and disciplined. Bhutan is ranked as one of the safest tourist destinations on our planet-it has an extremely low crime rate.

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