The Bhutanese meals are characterized by the hot chili pepper and cheese, put them together and you have national favourite Aema Datsi.The staple food of Bhutanese is rice and vegetables with abundant chilies. Bhutanese eat incredible amount of chilies. It is used as vegetable rather than as spices. Most Bhutanese prefer ‘Emadatse’ a dish made entirely of chilies mixed with cheese.

Meat is widely eaten in Bhutan. Common meat includes pork, beef, chicken, fish and yak meat. The Bhutanese also eat a variety of vegetables, including potatoes, fern, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, beans and mushrooms. Most restaurants offer the standard Chinese or Indian fare. International cuisine is limited. Always ask what is available and what the season is. There are more restaurants in the capital, Most meals are served buffet style so the decision on what to order is taken care off.

In central Bhutan, buckwheat is cultivated as one of the main cereals. The rice is not grown due to high altitude. The Bumthang region is famous for its buckwheat pancakes. The Bhutanese are fond of taking ‘suja’ (butter tea) and ‘Ara’, an alcohol distilled from the brewery of locally produced rice, wheat, maize or corn. Drinks are also used as a part of offerings while performing ceremonies on different occasions


The hospitality business is a sunrise industry in Bhutan .There is a wide range of accommodation available in Bhutan from the simple farm house stay to the high end resort in some districts. Most of the tourist hotels are clean and basic and offer simple comfort and culinary fare. Tourist to Bhutan generally does not demand luxury accommodation. The Tourism Council of Bhutan categories and monitor the quality of accommodation in the country.


A wide variety of accommodation is available ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to cozy little hotels and homestays in traditional Bhutanese homes and settings. Visitors can be assured of their warmth and comfort of the hotels. Similarly, the ambience and hospitality offered by the hotels are incredible.

The types of accommodations can be divided into Hotels and Resorts

Hotels in Bhutan are rated according to a National 5 Star rating System. All Tour Operators are required to provide their guests with a minimum of 3 Star accommodations so you can be assured of your comfort. Most hotels provide their guests with Television, Room Service, Fitness Centers, Spas and others facilities

There are various Guesthouses located around the Bhutan. They are graded on the same scale as hotels. The exact services available can vary among Guesthouses.

Additionally visitors embarking on long treks will be provided with tents and whatever other camping equipment is deemed necessary. Regardless of where they stay, visitors can be assured of their comfort and traditional Bhutanese hospitality.

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