The Bhutanese have always lived in harmony with and full respect for nature. The kingdom is one of the world’s ten biodiversity hot spots, very unique, pristine and intact. The country's government wants to maintain a balanced natural ecosystem, with environmental conservation and sustainable development as her pillars. With her splendid scenic beauty surrounded by impressive mountains and many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, Bhutan is a nature lover’s dream.


Exploring Bhutan, you imagine yourself catapulted hundreds of years back. This is enhanced by its' people, hardly influenced by Western mass consumption and lifestyle. Instead they still wear their self woven traditional outfits, leading a calm, simple and peaceful life. Bhutan is a relatively egalitarian society where women enjoy equal rights with men in every respect. Because the kingdom is gender balanced, there never was any need for the upliftment of woman. They are actively involved in all ranges of Bhutan’s socio-economic development. The kingdom also never had a rigid class system. People's rank of birth doesn’t influence their opportunities on the social and educational ladder.

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