Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan’s stunning natural beauty and the relatively isolated nature of its trekking trails make the country a veritable paradise for trekkers. It is one of the few places left in the world where you could trek for days and end without coming across any human habitation or better still, other trekkers.The number of trekkers has been growing slowly but steadily. For the adventurous and the nature lover, trekking is the best way to see Bhutan’s changing landscape. The kingdom is much sought after for its pristine trails that lead through a Himalayan wilderness full of some of the most exotic and endangered species of flora and fauna. There are twenty eight routes open to trekkers. From simple day long treks, to the popular six-day Druk Path and the fascinating 21-day Snowman Trek – Bhutan has a trek to suit every interest. Bhutan Tharchen Tours & Adventures can recommend a trek for every enthusiast. This is a most delightful way to explore the natural wonders of Bhutan. For those interested in trek, undoubtedly the Bhutan Tharchen Tours & Adventures will provide all relevant information but a few general points to keep in mind are.

  • In Bhutan you will be shouldering a rather light backpack as you only have to carry essentials like water, a jacket and a cemera-the rest of your equipment, which should not exceed 15 kg, is carried by pack horses or yaks.
  • You should be accommodated in two-person tents equipped with foam pads that serve as mattresses and your luggage will be stowed in with you.
  • The pack animals, guides and cooks will camp close by and hot meals are served in a dining tent.
  • Due to the topography trekking in Bhutan involves more than the usual number of ascents and descents in a day and hence you could be on the move for 8-9 hours.
  • Bhutan Tharchen Tours & Adventures will provide tents and other basic equipment but you will have to bring your own sleeping bag and other specific gear.
  • The trekking season is resonably short. March-May and September-October are regarded the best periods as the weather is clear.

Maximum Elevation: 4200m Highest Camp: 4110m Standard: Easy to medium Best Seasons: March-June & September-November Start: National Museum in Paro Finish: Mothitang, Thimphu


8N9D Jomolhari Trek: Maximum Elevation: 4930m, Highest Camp: 4080m Standard: Medium. Best Seasons: March-June & October-NovemberStart: Drukgyel Dzong, Paro, Finish: Dodena, Thimphu


8N9D Dur hotspring Trek: Maximum Elevation: 4700m, Highest Camp: 3400m Standard: Medium – Hard. Best Seasons: March-April & September-November Start: Bumthang, Finish: Bumthang


2N3D Gangtey Trek: Maximum Elevation: 3480m, Highest Camp: 3330m Standard: Easy Best Seasons: May – September Start: Phobjikha, Finish: Tikke Zampa

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